I have recently noticed on a few occasions that trustedinstaller.exe requests outbound access. Machine is Win 7 32. Does anyone know what this .exe does exactly, seems to be a legitimate part of windows? Why does it require internet access? Should I accept or deny? Any info appreciated.

Tge explanation I found is “trustedinstaller.exe is a Windows Modules Installer\r from Microsoft Corporation\r belonging to Microsoft® Windows® Operating System\r . This enables management of Windows updates”

Yes but why outbound access? Is it really needed?

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look it up at



Sorry guys, I am obviously not making myself clear on this issue. Let me try again…

I know that this file is a Windows file.

The issue that I am raising is why does it need internet access? The internet access has started in the past few days and CIS prompts me whether to allow it or not. When I check the IP address it is to a Microsoft registered one.

I am curious to know what is happening, and why it started recently.

Any help on this point much appreciated, thanks.

Never had this request Win 7 x32 are you blocking Svchost.exe internet access.

I presume you have checked it, screenshot details + Hash of mine.

TrustedInstaller.exe MD5 41a4c781d2286208d397d72099304133
SHA1 f80e7c20508022e50d306987c2c88f9ad52349c0 CRC32 84ba6550 C:\Windows\servicing\TrustedInstaller.exe

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thanks Dennis. It looks the same, but how do you check the MD5 and SHA1 please?

From here I downloaded it unziped it to a USB stick then run the application, like this I can use it on any computer.

The only disadvantage using it on a USB stick instead of computer is CIS does not remember the rules so you get 4 to 6 alerts each time.

I did a search for Trusted Installer on the Microsoft site and elsewhere no comments about this only high CPU at startup, so no idea why it is asking for access.