TrustedInstaller.exe, SearchFilterhost.exe, Audiodg.exe and so on try outgoing

dont know what is going on…suddenly CFirewall flags some application trying to connect to Internet. Not only explorer.exe but alsoTrustedInstaller.exe, SearchFilterhost.exe, Audiodg.exe… All of them have destinaton IP
I did not know about these app and even not why they should need to connect to Internet ???
Using Windows 7

any suggestions?

This is SSDP which is explained here . These should also be using only port 1900 so if there are other ports on these alerts you should investigate further.

in the Firewall log I dont see the ports , so how to know which port is used?

“They” are not trying to connect to the internet; they are trying to see what devices are attached to the local network (printers, phones, computers, etc.). The gateway that your system is connected to will stop this message from being broadcast to the entire internet / world. For most home users, their modem / router (ISP provided connection device or service) is their gateway for their home system.

Just to check, what version of Comodo and what level do you have your Comodo Firewall set on? Custom Ruleset will have Comodo logging these attempts although they are completely normal.

custom and low alert frequency

Also, this is part of the IGMP messaging on your system. You can read a general description Internet_Group_Management_Protocol.