Trusted Zones

Could CFW offer the option to create Trusted Zones where all traffic would be allowed?


AFAIK, this already exists under

Stealth Ports Wizard (first option) - Define a new trusted network

Sorry, but I don’t think the trusted zone under stealth ports does what I am suggesting. What I mean is a network zone where all traffic is allowed from any application.

I have tried what Layman suggested. I have created a network zone called Internal, then added that zone to a trusted network zone using Stealth Ports Wizard. Then tried to ping an address in the Internal zone. Got a message saying that ping.exe is trying to connect to the Internet. It clearly showed the remote as an ip address within my Internal zone.

The Stealth Port trusted zone has to do with showing what ports are ready on the local machine. But I could be wrong. I am not too crash hot on networking…

I also tried to create a global rule where any IP protocol was allowed where both the source and destination were in the Internal zone. Again when pinging within the Internal zone I got the message.


Please make sure the rules made with the Stealth Ports Wizard are above the basic block rule(s) (with the red icon(s)) at the bottom.