Trusted vendors list.

Hello forum and hope all is well with everyone.
I have CIS v6 running very sweetly on my computer with no issues at all and id like to ask a question about the TVL.
Im planning to delete this as for honesty,s sake im never ever going to come across a quarter of these vendors.I wish to create my own whitelist of applications and im wondering if the vendors are still in the cloud system and deleting them would be a wasted exercise.
Any hints and tips on how i do this please.
Many thanks.

This might appear off topic but stick with me :slight_smile:
I installed Java recently :o set it to always run full virtual with partially limited rights and removed it from the TVL as suggested Here forcing it to always give an unlmited access alert.
After I did this I decided to disable the TVL and to authorize programs and create a whitelist on a case by case basis.
Up to know this is working very well and fits in well with the FW and HIPS rules I have already created, I feel I have a very tight system and nothing is coming in or out without specific say so :-TU
Back to your original Q I don’t think the TVL is enforced in the cloud but I aren’t certain. I’m creating my whitelist by allowing the alert and checking remember answer.

Version 6 does allow you to disable the TVL. However, if you disable it I don’t think you can create your own. Also, I’ve heard that if you don’t disable it, and just manually delete those you don’t want, that they will be added during the cloud check for new files anyway.

Thus, I’m not sure of the best way of accomplishing this without disabling the cloud.

hi treefrogs ad thank you.
I assume i would need to delete my trusted files list as well for this to be effective.

Thank you chiron.I dont really want to disable the cloud if i can help it.What i was thinking is…if i delete my trusted files list and the vendor n file in the comodo folder then just whitelist my apps from scratch so to speak.

If you don’t disable the cloud… Some trusted vendors will come back on the list after update or if you ever use their app. That’s the issue.

This is interesting I also think this could be the reason behind my cache cleaner issue…hmm
I hadn’t deleted my trusted file list just the TVL as I say I got the inspiration from wasgij6’s tip on removing Oracle from the TVL, I figured this would work across the board.
If we deleted the trusted file list then we would truly be starting from scratch, it would be pop up heaven (or hell) lol
This may be too unpractical, and thanks guys :-TU the files are reinstated unless the cloud is disabled.