Trusted vendors gone


Suddenly most of the trusted vendors are gone. ???

In vendor.n I have

৿AOL, Inc.᛿ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG᛿Bigfoot Networks, Inc.ᗿeEye Digital SecurityϿEFIᓿEGIS TECHNOLOGY INC.෿EISST Limited૿Google Inc᳿IDM Computer Solutions, Inc.᛿Klaus Schwenk Software῿ Inc. SDN. BHD.෿Promixis, LLC

I did not remove any vendors. Diagnostics finds no error. White-list works fine.

Is there a way to restore the TVL, or do I have to add vendors manually?

Thanks. :slight_smile:


I have the same problem. I have CIS 5 installed on two computers and the trusted vendors disappeared on both, however, a simple restart solved the problem.

But…Today, it happened again, only this time most of the list disappeared leaving me with only 10 vendors.

Restarting doesn’t work this time and diagnostics doesn’t work for me either.

Same here :-\ 7 titles left others are gone

Hey all!

here is how you solve this how you solve you “Trusted Software Vendors was lost” problem.

  1. Download the attached and extract it on your desk (so that you have it visible).

  2. restart the computer and press F8 and select safe mode.

  3. Now do these steps: desktop —> My computer —> program —> comodo —> comodo internet security —> database. Keep database window open, now you delete all files besides the files that are called pending, now copy what’s in database_CIS in database.

The attached folder has the database from a clean Win7.

Take care and have a nice day.


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Thanks Valentinchen.

That worked great and my vendor list is back.

I hope Comodo fix this bug soon.

you have my vendor list but it’s not important.


i just noticed it happen actumatically by the cloud.
look like comodo cloud servers have problems, it should not be nesesary for the user to do anything to fix it, when the servers gets ok the trusted vendor list should be automatically filled.
hope this will be soon fixed, or hundreds and hundreds of comodo user will have many popups and sandboxed programs and get angry with comodo

That’s kind of the point though. It shouldn’t be necessary for the user to do anything to fix it, however, they do in fact have to deal with the fact that CIS is all of a sudden declaring war on their system. If they don’t understand what is happening, their natural inclination is going to be that their system has been infected by malware.

This type of thing shouldn’t be allowed to happen… 88)

This seems to be noticed by many of us, we need some feedback from egemen.

This the temporary solution:

You will get my vendor list but it’s better than damaged/broken files.


[attachment deleted by admin]

I reinstalled CIS and now have the full list back.

also a solution.

Indeed. Yesterday. 88)

I have installed CIS on Win7 on a virtual machine. I will now copy that database and I will delete the other one that is a copy of my vendor list It will still be called for database_CIS

Thank you for your patience and your understanding.


I will make new topic and add the new database folder.

here is the new topic;msg465487#msg465487


look here how to solve Loss of Trusted vendor list;msg465487#msg465487