Trusted Software


I recently removed Comodo & reinstalled.

Anyway, I noticed that when I ran a SupeAntiSpyware update, I was not prompted at all by Comodo. I figured SAS must be a trusted application, but I did not see it in the Trusted Software list.

And, there are two vendors defined by Comodo & all the rest are defined by “User”. Considering that I did not input all these vendors as trusted, I am confused. Any thoughts?

ANYONE have any ideas?

I cannot reply to my own post so perhaps others cannot as well. I am constantly prompted that a reply from this IP occurred less than 1 second ago, although that is not the case. I am able to edit this post however. Thanks!


UPDATE: Well, since updating the post above, I can now reply as well. So, back to the original issue :wink:

There’s a whole boatload of trusted software vendors in the trusted vendor list (Defense+).

Perhaps depending on how you have your protection setup, it sees that software as being “safe”.