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Have not been here in awhile but glad to be back. I see lots of changes here and with Comodo and they all look good to me so far but, I know anyway under Computer Security Policy in the Firewall software there is a tab for Trusted Software Vendors mind you I just installed the Firewall last night so I’m just asking ?'s here some of the Trusted Vendors I do not really care for I understand that this is a list of vendors who have ask Comodo to allow the trusted certificate to be validated by the end user or Comodo as far as Content Source and Content Integrity but I see some that were not valid with entries like [000000000] etc. So my question is although they have a certificate that is valid for them I suppose which allows any of the end point user’s to take a chance in downloading their software and install that is as far as the Trusted Software Vendor’s List goes ? It is just that a list. I myself really seen some I would not allow period due to the fact I have seen the end results of so many systems bloated with junk, etc and some of course I have never heard of. So this is I am assuming is just a list provided by Comodo and the end user has to sort through it and remove what ever so as you (the end user) does not have to be bothered with it being accidentaly installed ( that software vendors program) ever having to be installed on ones system . Thanks for any and all answer’s.

It is made to reduce popups during installation and usage of well-reputed software products with digital signatures.
If you are paranoid, you can turn it off for increased security but also be prepared to deal with popups.

Well, I’m not paranoid. But I prefer to choose a peoples I trust to by self. Instead of different shows or ratings or lists including COMODO’s “Trusted Who-Are-All-This-Peoples List” too.

It’s up to you …

In the new v6 you can disable the TVL again.

The signers with names like 0000000 are from a country with an alphabet that cannot be properly displayed.

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Siketa, I’m not really Paranoid or anything as such I was just curios about all the accepted sig’s that were listed. Since all this does is help in the pop up phenomena and I will take your word on that and run with it. Thanks again for the information and I think from what I’m seeing and reading around the web about Comodo it looks as though things could be on the up and up here. I always choose very carefully what I install on my system and I wish I could say the same for others I have come across.

Take Care

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