Trusted Software Vendors was lost

Thanks for the explanation Umesh!

Can we assume this won’t happen again?

We have taken steps to avoid this in future.


don’t I describe the same thing as umesh?

Hi Umesh,

This vendor name looks strange (see attached image).

Should it be Uniwersytet Mikołaja Kopernika?

In vendor.n: Uniwersytet Mikołaja Kopernika

Thanks. :slight_smile:

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I have a very different list from you, installed new yesterday when I reinstalled CIS.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Not all vendors are included in the installer. If you download the files in Umesh’s post, you get this list:

and if you dont update with this files, the whistlist isnt efficient right ?

so this problem will NOT be solved automatically?
the only way is to download the list or reinstall?


no need for reinstalling in case you followed the instruction from my alternative solution or what umesh described.

Just do what umesh wrote; it’s better and less complicated than alternative solution that I created with JoWa’s help:)


thats not the point…
the point is

if case of a NO answers, many user will still have bad days, and get angry and simply uninstall cis permanently.
and cause of this problem i will need to “fix” the antivirus in some friends pc with what we call the “normal user”
this can be a big drowback for comodo in my point of view
this problem NEED to be fixed automatically

This should have been a one off situation:

However since several of us regular forum members have experienced this problem, there are probably thousands of regular CIS users out there who have no idea why their CIS has suddenly become very intrusive. Hopefully there will be a way to restore their Trusted Vendors automatically before they get fed up and uninstall.

+1 !ot!

if people have homepages please put the solution there. The link to the alternative solution is on my signature. This what I can do to help.

You will be happy to know they have released a program update to replace the Vendors list :slight_smile:

Just tried on VM to see what the update was.


i noticed that there where actually 2 updates in a day, but i was not sure it was for that
:-TU thats good to know

I used a small list of about 10 trusted vendors.
After the update, tons of vendors appeared at the end of the list. I deleted all ;D
but now my 10 trusted vendors appear twice (2 times) ???

What now?
Anyway, Please allow multiple delete on trusted vendors list >:(

Finally managed to fix the problem with double entries, replaced my files with ones posted above and after hours of clickin’ the remove button >:( finally got back my 10 trusted vendors …

But!!! Now CIS want to update again, possibly to add to my vendor list thousands of every ■■■■ software developer livin on this planet :stuck_out_tongue: No more updates for me >:-D

The problem was that you added that old list…

You would have been better off just to delete the vendors from the updated list.

You can do a copy of the database folder for backup.