Trusted Program Change Alert

I have used several firewalls in the past. All of them alert you that a trusted program has changed. Such as when you patch a game like COD4 then when you run the game again you get a pop up stating that the trusted program has changed to you want to allow or deny. I think Comodo should implement this so users are aware of changes being made. Cause what if they were made by some malware or something. The user would never know.

I agree, however comodo’s current line is you’ll get a D+ alert when something on your PC tries to modify the application. If you’ve allowed that, then you know the file/app has been changed already.

No that doesn’t happen. I patched WOW and COD4 and no alerts. Just and install D+ alert but nothing after that. When you launch a program that has changed Comodo should be aware of theses changes and ask if if you want it to access the i internet.