Trusted Network Zone not so trusted when the Wi-Fi connection changes?

It is typical for a home user to have a LAN configured as 192.168.0.* or 192.168.1.*
Let’s say you use WiFi on a laptop
You mark your home LAN as a trusted network zone
All is fine at home

Now, you go to a friend’s house or a public hotspot that also happens to use the same IP addresses just like your Home LAN.
Will CIS actually figure out it’s a different network and not consider it trusted anymore? Does it use any network signatures to actually detect that it’s dealing with 2 different networks or does it simply use IP/netmask which would be bad to do?

With laptops on WiFi, networks must be identified by more than IP and netmask. How does CIS deal with it?

No comments? How can we get someone from Comodo to comment on this topic, please?

Anyone? No ideas?

Good question SirComo. I would test this, but my networks are working pretty smooth right now. I have thought much about this since seeing your post, and I cannot think of a way to apply a mac address to the (example .0 or .1 etc. router address) of network A, which should create conflict or force new discovery if connected to network B with the same IP.

Maybe Comodo can make use of the network signatures from Windows or maybe it already does. It should not be too hard to figure out when a network changes, though the way network zones are set up, they seem to be more like collections of IP addresses not related to an actual network.
I’m concerned that if you trust a network and you happen to be on a different network with the same IP range you are then exposed. This can’t be good.