Trusted Network In/Out Rules Allow everything in/out

I still have confusion on setting the trusted network/default gateway in the network settings for in and out with no restrictions. I thought the purpose of the firewall is to only grant flow for established port protocols and block everything else.




If you don’t want to rely on zones or trusted network, and you want to have explicit rules for each application (down to port level), you need to change the alert level (SECURITY - ADVANCED - MISCELLANEOUS) from the default of LOW to HIGH or VERY HIGH.

This setting will display alerts for all TCP or UDP inbound or outbound attempts, down to IP address, port and application level. Also, if you really want to see everything that’s going on, please disable “Do not show alerts for applications certified by Comodo”.

Changing these two settings will let you set explicit rules. You will most probably be driven to drink by the level of pop-ups you’re going to get, though.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: