My old XP computer died a sad death, I now have a new Windows 8 computer. I use, what is probably an insecure WiFi connection, which is provided for free in the apartment building I live in. I had a free version of TrustConnect which I used until August 2013 only when paying bills or for a few other things that I wanted to be certain were secure. I am extremely low income and cannot afford any fees. I would very much like to be able to continue to use TrustConnect, is there any way to reinstall my copy of TrustConnect on my new computer?

Thank you,


If your TrustConnect licence is still active, you may download TC client and install it to your PC.

You need to login your Comodo account: Comodo Account Management | Login or Create a new Account

Check your licence and download TC client (see TrustConnect bookmark if it’s activated).