TrustConnect ???

I’ve had (purchased) CTC for some time, though I never gave any thought to actual configurations (if needed). Here are a few questions, basic I’m sure but I really don’t know the answers for optimal network settings.

  1. Via my router for wireless settings, I only have “allowed/not allowed-all” Mac Id’s for access to my home network. Do I add CTC’s mac Id here?

  2. I’m using (free) Comodo Internet Security, so do I add CTC to my “Home” or make it a “Public” Connection when prompted?"

  3. When going into Windows Network and Sharing Center/Customize, CTC appears to be in the “Public” zone, do I customize and change it to private? By default it always seems to revert to, “Public.” Also, I’m not sharing, so should I tick the appropriate boxes? Radio buttons are active, though no ticks are noted in either via, “Network Discovery/File sharing.”

Perhaps CTC is self-serving and none of these additional changes are necessary, but I’m not sure and this is why I ask.

Thanks in advance!


  1. You don’t need to change your router settings to use CTC.
  2. You may choose “Home” or “Public” without encryption (your connection via CTC is already secure and encrypted, so doesn’t matter).
  3. You may leave it as is.