TrustConnect with CIS Pro [Resolved]

According to the Comodo website, TrustConnect is included with CIS Pro. When I signed up for CIS Pro (30-day trial) I received an email with an invitation to download TrustConnect.

I downloaded and installed the app but it asks me for a user id and password when I run it. No userid/password was sent to me with the CIS Pro subscription.

TrustConnect is listed as an “Enabled Service” in my account but under the TrustConnect tab it tells me to signup for the TrustConnect service.

During the signup process the only options it gives me are to signup for a monthly or a yearly additional payment for TrustConnect and requires my credit card information be entered on the signup page.

My question:

How do I use TrustConnect as part of CIS Pro without signing up for a separate TrustConnect subscription?

If you signed up for CIS Pro, you should see TrustConnect service details on the “TrustConnect” tab (service login/password, traffic statistic graphs).

If you don’t see this information, it’s a billing system error.
Contact Comodo support:

The information is not there. This is the extent of the information under the TrustConnect tab:

Sign Up to TrustConnect Service

FYI, t his is a continuing problem. Besides being annoying it is probably driving some customers away. I would recommend somebody look at this and fix it. This problem should not be a surprise. I reported it once before. I signed up under my company account. When it did not work as advertised – and we did not hear from Comodo support after three days – I canceled the order.

I will contact support but if this is not resolved on this try, I will again cancel my CIS Pro evaluation and move on.



Tomorrow will be a week since I posted this and opened a support ticket.

No response from support.

No change in the TrustConnect tab of my account center.


The issue has been passed on to the relevant team and will be looked into.

Could you submit another support ticket under the Trustconnect product please.

Issue fixed.
Please, on any issue inform via support ticket system, it is the fastest way for resolving than post on the forum.

The issue is not fixed.

And who are you to say my issue is fixed?

Please, on any issue inform via support ticket system, it is the fastest way for resolving than post on the forum.

I have a support request from Nov 30 that is unanswered. Today is Dec 7. If that is the fastest way to resolve an issue, just what is considered a timely resolution?

I will.

Issue resolved.

Once I opened a new support ticket as requested by RossPH my account center was updated fairly quickly.

TrustConnect is now up and running and seems to work as advertised so far.