Trustconnect is now officially launched!

I am happy to inform you all that Trustconnect is now officially launched!

Thank you very much and look forward to continuing to serve you.


how is officially if i can not pay this is the error

i got this Invoice Request Failed: Could not create new invoice

You guy real need to fix all thsi product your doing alot bug i fine on much of your product fitst UserTrust now Trustconnect

You wrote this in an earlier post:

At the moment there is no charge, however this service does cost us money and at some stage we will charge for it. The idea is to charge the heavy users while offer it for free to light users (don't hold me to it though as its early days).

Now I am looking at the Trustconnect site there is no free option. Have you dropped the above idea about charging heavy users and offer it for free for light users?

I am sorry. We are having issues with usernames that are 3 characters long. It should be resolved by 18th of June.

We are entertaining couple of ideas on how we can provide TrustConnect to light users as a free option. The problem is that unlike most desktop software, every day anyone uses trustconnect – it costs us money (as we have to pay for network traffic).
We have to find some way to recoup such expenses. We are looking at some kind of advertisement arrangement that would cover the expense of light traffic usage.

I think before your charger money you should make sure it work 100% or at less 90% like the signup page etc…

How long do you think it will be before the light use option is available?

Just downloaded fresh version. Like the new Icon and new GUI… See attached.


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Hello Eric,

I viewed your attach image of the new icon and GUI. I am planning on downloading the Trustconnect into my notebook and I think that it’s a nice new look.

I will also share a shot of my new downloaded Trustconnect.

Thanks for sharing this! :slight_smile:

Hello, Melih,

I have had one of the early free accounts since about September, 2007, and have thoroughly appreciated it. However, I note within the last few days, I have been unable to establish a connection with the server. It tries to connect, then finally fails.

When visiting your home page, I note that there is no longer a mention of the free service. Have you made the transition to an all-pay service?

Thank you.


It was only ever free for a trial period when it first came out. Since it’s ben released to the public it’s been a pay for service. the cheapest way is CIS with support and TConnect (Labeled CIS Prowhich is the same program you just get TC with it, setup by experts remotely and 24 hour support etc…

Really like CIS and recommend to all my friends but they all ask "I cant get free security when I travel using hotpots with CIS?
So you will never will have a free VPN for all your loyal users? :’(

It costs money to keep up Trustconnect (bandwidth, etc).

Unless you want to pay for it all yourself… 88)

how about ad supported Trustconnect?


Trustconnect is so great service (by idea behind it - have no details how it works), that imo it is more than acceptable :-TU

I wouldn’t mind ad supported Trustconnect as long as the ads would be unobtrusive.
There are a couple free apps out there that do this (Hot Spot Shield) is one that I can think of.
Although I have tried Hot Spot Shield, I have always been skeptical of my security using it.
I would feel much safer with Trustonnect knowing how secure CIS is ;D

Everyone chime in and let us all know if you would like Trustconnect to be ad supported so that we all could use it for free :-TU


Go post that in the wish list.

;D ;D ;D :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Joking. 88)

Hmm…funny to have the CEO posting ideas here. :smiley:

I wonder if the TC team is working on that…

If you only would know…



Very helpful/informative post. :-TU 88)

Thank you, I’ll keep trying to improve ;D