Trustconnect Free ( multiple questions )

Comodo Trustconnect Free has a 10 GB limit , how does it exactly work , what if you dont download anything , how does it reach the 10 GB then ?

If you surf the internet or play games , does it download something too then ?

I mean i am not actively downloading something.

And if the download limit is reached , how do i know , do i get a popup ?

And what is the difference between Hotspot Shield Free , and Trustconnect Free ?

I dont think Hotspot Shield Free has a download limit but are there any differences ?

When play you always download something; people are always on the move and for you to see that you need download that info. I believe you will get a warning once the 10GB is reached.

I have once tried Hotspot shield but it slowed everything down and I am not sure if hotspot is vpn application.

HotSpot Shield is a VPN. There is no limit and I’ve actually noticed very few slowdowns with it.

Whenever you connect to the internet here is the way your are actually able to view a webpage. Your computer downloads the page from the internet and then you view it. Thus any time you load a page you are technically downloading something to your computer.

It’s actually a little bit more confusing than that, but for understanding how this related to the 10GB limit I hope this is sufficient.

Please let me know if you have any more questions.