trustconnect 10 gig free cannot connect on iphone and ipad

Hi Support,

I tried the free 10 gigs trustconnect vpn but cannot connect on my iphone, ipad, etc…

It works on my computer though.

Please help.

Hello wizman,

Please refer to this help documentation found here: How To Set Up TrustConnect On iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Make sure you use " " for the VPN Server Name/Address

Hope this helps


does it support andriod settings

Not without a custom rooted kernel with a TAP/TUN module installed. Then you would need need to download something like OpenVPN Installer, and OpenVPN settings. short to say its complicated.

For Android devices, as for iPod, iPhone etc., you may use PPTP protocol for TrustConnect.

Ok free CTC sort of worked with default methods on Android with no changes… Managed to load and then it all died out even for reloading google. :frowning:

Payed probably works fine.

Even with openvpn it doesn’t work properly :'(.