Trust the Dragon**

Laudable goal of Dragon Hero and it will happen, someday, in some way. Unless Pax Humana goes the way of Pax (fill in blank) ((extinct)). !ot!

Trust the Interet thinks ghg* as he berms some sand against the nightly wind. Turns to buddy zlz* and comments, “that guy better be taking care of our goats at bank. coins clink nicely and are pretty but ya know the goats didn’t need to be carried, carried our stuff and we could eat them.”

Read of a group carting mobile banking capability around to Kalahari residents sent by UN offshoot. Wondered how they banked portable wealth and could redeem balance easily. Now they need the animals back to carry comm device, power source(s), power renewal capability and shortly will need a place to keep all their new and current stuff. Is this what they want? Or just a medium to quite odd parallel dream? :-X

*Fictitious Kalahari Bush People names cause they don’t want to be identified. Noise from pro/anti Bush People groups grinding grudges not necessary but thank you for offering. 88)

**Sheep have questions and reserve right to…
One race from this planet and we’ve named ourselves human, context = content.

Feed the mind after the body. Peace, G’day.