Trust Publisher\Source\Client eg CPAN


is there an option to trust a publisher, program and/or client?

Specifically I use Perl (Program language) and I want to use CPANM to install modules.

However without being able to specifiy that I trust this client(CPAN/CPANM) when installing perl modules I am forced to answer Allow many, many times for each module and dependancy of a module.

For example I performed Task::Kensho(which is a bundle installer of perl CPAN modules) and was forced to end the install due to too many firewall prompts I turned off comodo to complete the installs.

Is there any way to allow this?

You need to give CPANM the Installer/Updater policy. It is then allowed to start other applications without asking for permission.

Look in Defense + Rules to see if there is a rule called “All Applications”. When it is there make sure that the rule for CPANM is somewhere above this rule; you can use drag and drop to move it there.

Two things first if CPAN is a CLI how do I manually add it?

Second I had chosen installer updated before but I think it sees each module as a separate application.

I don’t think the fact that is a command line interface makes a difference.

There is one thing to keep in mind when making Defense+ rules. When using the Internet Security configuration there will be the “All Applications” rule in Defense + rules. When you make a Defense + rule for an application you need to move the rule to a place above the “All Applications” rule. That is because otherwise program will follow the rule set by the “All Applications” rule.

If CPAN has a parent program consider giving the parent program the Installer/Updater policy.