Trust logo on Woocommerce shop pages

I need to display the trust logo on my Woocommerce checkout pages - not the whole site.
As the code has java and html I cannot just past this into the theme.
How to implement in a Wordpress environment and so that it does not show on every page



Unfortunately, directly pasting code containing Java and HTML into your theme isn’t possible. To display the trust logo only on your Woocommerce checkout pages in your Wordpress environment, you’ll need to utilize Woocommerce hooks and filters.

Specifically, you can leverage the woocommerce after cart totals and woocommerce proceed to checkout hooks to display the logo below or above the Proceed to Checkout button on the cart page, and the woocommerce after checkout billing form hook to add it beneath the Place order button on the checkout page. Remember to adjust the code snippet to include your specific trust seal image URL and desired positioning.