Trust Connect needs work or should be dropped

I hate to say this but that trust connect thing is kinda ■■■■ compared to some of the other monthly paid vpn connections out there. one issue vpn’s have is how secure is the encyrpted connection espically from man in the middle attacks and pier evesdropping with a shared vpn. I have used many vpn’s and most of them are all ■■■■ too. selling your information to marketers or not destroying your logs on the server side their end. one vpn that i have to admit i liked at first was cyberghost due to the unique random generated key that is made during the installation to be used for the encryption, thus not have to worry about trusting Microsofts junk VPN connection certs. yes it would be nice to get rid of microsoft OS as well, but dont think that is going to happen. PureVPN seems to be the best VPN out there, having servers for multiple types of functions, ie one for games, one for torrent sharing(the illegal ones), one for high business security(ie dedicated server with max encryption), and some for just general internet surfing. This is good stuff, and i doubt comodo is going to have the capital and or programming staff to compete with someone like purevpn, so why not just drop the trust connect and leave that to the bigger fish? and focus on what comodo does best their firewall, and antivirus, and isolated applications based on weather the application should be trusted or not.

I aslo have to admit i tried the new 2013 comodo sercurity suite, and found it to be a little bit of BLOATWHARE, compared to the older version of comodo, kind of reminds me of symantic and/or zone alarm days after they changed the programming code with all the security holes, and added on their virtual browser functionality which i could never get to work so just gave up on it. Also one question i had with the installation of the new 2013 version of comodo on win 8 platform is whether or not i need to turn off the windows firewall or not?

Also i was reading another suggestion that comodo encrypt their DNS connection to their servers like open DNS now has, (which uses a unique encryption cypher)… you really going to compete against OPEN DNS?
who already are a step and day ahead of the compettion?

nice that comodo did add the virtual kiosik, so i can clean all the ■■■■ i get from webinar links with all their tracking malware.

Ive tried TOR before but god forbid you would trust your data being fed into someones home computer system, i mean really WTH is TOR thinking. Newist VPN’s are using SSTP is this really more secure or just another microsoft cert with a govt back door decryption key. Self generated on the fly keys are prob an answer as well as splitting the vpn connection to mutiple nodes simulatiously, ie some to vpn server a and some to vpn serve b. and since bad guys adapt, your self generated keys need also to randomly adapt and change. (think the matrix).

only other issue i have with VPN’s using a single server is that, what about your MAC address being protected both from your labtop and also on your router? where is the security for this? how about a random MAC address modifyer for your laptop (using of course non valid codes so as not to copy someone else’s mac address, if possible? how often should we change our router MAC address and to what?

Think that addresses all the secruity issues that have not been addressed?
Ohh one more thing, i was looking over some of the trusted company’s in Comodo’s Whitelist, and was surprised to find companies from China in their, not that im raciest but why would i want to trust anything from china, ohh maybe i am raciest.

not sure if comodo is coming to an apple IPAD or not due to the jail break thing, or if its needed?
since i started using the apple ipad and found how easier it was to use compared to Microsoft ■■■■, im almost tempted to go out and buy a MAC computer.

dman keep thinking of other things to add…
im sure by now we are all using firefox browser, with “ghostery” to block trackers, and “no script” to block javascripts, but what about our homepage do you really want to give all your database searchers to CIA? i see Comodo teamed up with yahoo to use them for their homepage settings for your browser mofication, ahh ok but i can think of better.
Startpage - Private Search Engine. No Tracking. No Search History.

to protect your search lookups?

The only 2 other major security holes are adobe flash players and java, not sure what to do with these but something really needs to be addressed for these applicaitons since adobe doenst seem to be able to do it right.

I thought of one more thing…

There are not enough companies out there making hardware FIREWALL routers, that are DECENT and within a modest price range, only i can think of and have used is the zonealarm hardware firewall, however it is very old now and does not have gigabyte lan ports, there are others from sofaware but are really expensive in the 600 negiborhood, which offer the gigabit thouroughput, which excellent protection and web interface. This is something comodo could work on if you wanted to expand into that territory since there isnt much competition out there!

ok latters