trust connect error 403

I am trying to login into my account (Comodo Account Management | Login or Create a new Account), I get the following message:

"You are not allowed to visit the page you were looking for.

The administrator of this web site has denied access to you at this time.

HTTP 403 Forbidden" - why am I getting this. It seems to me that I am locked out of the account?

I am at the public library and on their wireless network. I am trying to connect to Trustconnect but it is giving the following message, “connection failed”.

Please help.

Your IP and login have been blocked due to suspected hacker attack. You may contact the support (specify your login and external IP, can be found out with

Im not sure if that the right place for my post ,but have standing problem with connect to trust connect.
Any time a try a message like this on screanschots .
Everething checked doppelt . My name and password . Can the trust connect start automaticly with windows ? do we have always to log in everytime windows start?

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“All TAP-Win32 adapters on this system are currently in use” - this message means that TAP adapter which is used by TrustConnect VPN isn’t available.
Possible reasons:

  1. The TAP-Win32 adapter might be disabled. This can be checked by going into the “Network Connections” folder, right-click on TAP-Win32 adapter and select “Enable”. Then try connect again.
  2. There is no TAP-Win32 adapter installed. In this case you may reinstall TrustConnect (you should have administrative privileges).
  3. The TAP-adapter is present, but you don’t have administrative privileges and thus not able to manipulate it. In this case logout and login with administrator access/privileges. Then try connect again.

You can put TrustConnect in autostart, but it won’t connect automatically with windows startup, you should do it manually.