Troubles with Firewall and Antivirus

I’m getting extremely frustrated.

Minecraft is getting sandboxed and/or blocked by the firewall, as is my Curse updater.

Defense has found my Sims 2 I just bought off the Origin store as safe but the antivirus is freaking out won’t let me load it. Kinda doubting EA is trying to put viruses on my computer >:(

I’m not sure what info you need to help besides this, please let me know. I want to continue using Comodo but won’t be if this continues as these games are used here a lot:(

the first step is allways: look in the logs.
you need to know, what is blocking. firewall, defense+, sandbox, or antivirus.

this will determine the next step.
dont get frustrated meanwhile :slight_smile:

i can tell you, usually everything is able to run with cis.
i am sure, if i would play minecraft, i would have to get used to it too. its the same. after that, its fun and “easy”.

What OS are you running?

What configuration do you have CIS in?

Can you post a screenshot of the alerts that you are getting in regards to Sims 2?