Troubles while updating to Win10 18912.1001 (Windows Insider)

I’m just trying to update Win10 (fast ring).

At a download of approx. 95% my system got completely instable. Edge and Opera both crashed. Windows Security Center told me CIS is not up-to-date. Checking CIS there was no visible information about the latest (signature) update.

After a restart CIS told me it was never updated… So I’m waiting for the 360MB definition file to update…

Hi BlueNote,

Thanks for reporting,Could you please check your personal message and provide us requested logs for further investigation.

CIS is not officially supported on Windows Insider builds.

Updating to a newer version of an OS is a big migration. I have been running Insider builds (fast ring) and it was more often than not that I had to reinstall CIS after Windows was updated.

Was the update to the new Insider build successful? Does CIS report all systems are running except from the database not being updated?

Sorry for the late reply.

For the first time ever I had to close all other applications (Thunderbird, Opera, a Java-based application) in order to successfully update to a Fast Ring update… It never happened before that I had problems during the download process of an update… (the installation process of the update did not start yet while the download process was not completely finished)…

Nevertheless I had to update the signatures because they were all gone…

Hi BlueNote,

Thanks for providing the requested logs, our development team is working on it.