Trouble setting up firewall

Hi, I am new to the program and firewalls in general. I can’t figure out if it is working properly. The problem is that all i get in active connections is my browser listening with no I.P. destination and 0 bytes for both in and out, and the same with services.exe and system.exe I have it set on safe mode for Firewall and Defence+ I’m running version 5 on windows 7 starter and a wifi connection with no router. Also when I manually update any program Active Connections never shows any new connections. Any help would be appreciated. Thx.

don’t worry fellas, I’m okay. Got the thing working after a long ignorant night and 10 cups of coffee. i would delete this post if i knew how. Cheers.

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In the image you’ve posted the processes are in a ‘Listening’ state i.e. they’re waiting for something to happen. Try connecting to a site in firefox and you should see some activity.