Trouble Opening ports in Comodo Firewall for eMule and BitComet

I am trying to set up BitComet and eMule (as a plugin for BitComet) and when I try testing the ports (in eMule > Connection > Client Port TCP/UDP ports) it doesn’t go through. I’ve set rules in the Application Rules, Global Rules as well as in the My Port Sets…opening the applicable ports asked for but I cannot get any correct response (from eMule) that the ports are opening!? Do I have to reboot my computer to get Comodo to work with these ports?


I’ve attached a capture of the eMule results page in case anyone is interested in what it tells me.

[attachment deleted by admin]

This Tutorial, first post in thread, is what I use for BitTorrent. Works well, with one change: Rule 4 change to “Allow”. I still log it if fired.

Thanks John … I’ll try this out but the part in the article with the link to PortForward will have to wait until tomorrow as everyone else is asleep now and I don’t want to wake anyone up with me plunking up and down the stairs to the router and back, as I don’t recall the model # of the router … all I know for sure is that it is a Linksys wireless router that I’d bought a year & a half ago! 88)

I did a search but I was swamped with results and also it was getting a bit late (I was wore out to the bone as well from work) after I went part way through the search results … I had to get my arse in bed to get some sleep before heading off to work in the morning! :-\

I’ll come back on tomorrow evening to post the results (if it all did the trick or not) …

Thanks again,