I have been using CIS for about two months with no real problems except for today. I do not run weekly scans but do an AV scan about every two weeks. I am running the most current version of CIS an a Windows XP laptop. Today I ran an AV scan and CIS AV for 18 trojans I know they wern’t there two weeks ago when I ran my last scan why didn’t Comodo warn me about this?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

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As long as malware isn’t run and only download is not a problem; you need to run the piece of malware or that’s a self-executive. I have looked and I have noticed that they are in Temp file (in other words: it’s only downloaded).

I don’t know why CIS didn’t caught it before; I don’t know which things get scanned with the realtime scanner.

Could you tell me if you have noticed some strange behavior from your computer lately, that you have unknown application running active in memory, if your internet is somehow slower, have you come to strange place that makes you wonder: “what is this, when did this happen”

Summary: In order for malware to fulfill their purpose they must run active in memory and that can only happen if you run them.

I will help you analyze further. See my signature how you can contact me.

Valentin N

You should scan at least with MBAM to make sure there’s no more malicious files on the disk. Just like Valentin said: you have nothing to worry about if the malware isn’t running in the memory.

Thanks for the answers

To ensure you’re not infected please follow the methodology I explain in this post.