Okay i probably have no right telling u how to do this, or anything of the nature but this is how i got rid of the problem.

1.Turn off your backup system for your computer before doing any of this!!
2.Go to run, type in msconfig. Boot in safe mode and enable networking with it.
3. Once in safe mode update your malewarebytes and run it, i picked up several different files and nothign came up for this particular problem (the Trojan.Zlob.G).
4.In safe mode, bring up C:/documents and settings/(user)/application data/google

Quick note
this file is hidden in a folder titled “google” which is not the actual thing, inside the folder you will find this sneaky little problem the kjzn1562565.exe. Along with a few other folders, basically delete the whole thing MAKE SURE YOUR IN SAFE MODE WHEN YOU DO THIS!!!

  1. After deleting this file, run regedit and search for kjzn1562565.exe, mind you it may or may not show up in your regedit. I personally, checked my regedit in both normal & safe mode and found nothing concerning this file, but a friend i met on here found that same file in his regedit. So just to be safe, do a search for kjzn1562565.exe.
    This should solve the problem, doing all those steps in order.
    Last, i ahve a friend who did these same exact steps, but unfortunately the file kjzna1562565.exe still showed up under his msconfig file, but he’s doing numerous searches, and run numerous protection softwares and nothing is bringing this thing up at all and his computer seems to be running fine now.

Lastly, this is not a trojan this Trojan.Zlob.g is a rogue software as previously stated, if you buy the software and enter a key it will drop it from your system, but i dont think that entirely true because i suffered mass problems with this thing other than an Error Popping up saying i needed to enable my protection from Trojan.Zlob.g. So if you are having these problems, follow those steps exactly and they will stop after that.

And for some crazy reason,I have posted about this before.But it does not show where I have posted this same subject.(in the Forum area)Where I look up post I have made.

This is how it worked for me:

before reading this post:
Did a McAfee scan with no succes.
Tried Malwarebytes and superAntiSpyware -free versions, with no succes.

after reading mighttuss post:
Ran msconfig. Did a diagnostic boot.
After startup McAfee (!) showed up with a virus alert:

klnxv19819115.exe -generic dropper- trojan cleaned
dfxovl.dll -generic.dx -trojan deleted
(both were found in the Google map)

thnx to mighttuss I knew there had to be another malicious klnxv19819115.exe in the register.
Ran regedit and deleted the culprit.

Seems to be OK now (at least for the last couple of hours)
Thanks for helping me out! (:CLP)

and thnx Jeroen for guiding me, being a Mac-man myself, through the wonderous world of Windows. (:AGY)

Shaunanshem You will be ok for now.I am pretty sure of it.I had told others about this virus,but no one would listen to me.I get that alot,not sure why tho?Makes me feel good that I helped some one.I have been doing computers sents in the 80s,way back when we worked with dos!Well any way,you have a very Merry christmas!

I think I posted something here, but now that post is gone. ??? Oh well, I don’t even remember what that post was about. 88)

What anti-virus (AV) program called this a “Trojan.Zlob.g”? Because different AV’s often call malware different things.

Truthful Know antivirus Caught this!What happen was pop-ups started.It was a fake program,that was made to look like Windows Firewall had caught a virus Called TROJAN.ZLOB.G Every antivirus test I ran and even on line Scanner,could not find this.After 3 days of testing with different antivirus programs,and other programs like spybot.It was time to find out the answer to ths question is it a virus.And all said and done it was not a virus.It was a Rogue!Do not confuse this with the virus from 2005.It is not a virus!I spent hours reading from the world wide web to find out what this was.To find out more about this Google it.You will be amazed!