A few days ago my desktop got hit by trojan-spy.pophot.wx and I have no idea how I even got this. Spyware Doctor was the one who detected this and apparently it corrupted my system files so I was forced to reformat. Now I want to know how did it get in my comp? Any ideas?

It’s hard to tell how this got in your sysetem. Further threat information can be found here:

Now for removal.

Firstly, I suggest let comodo do it for FREE for you. Here:

And then I’d run SuperAntispyware FREE to locate and remove any existing reminents.


A very common malware insertion technique these days is known as an “iframe attack” that comes in thru your web browser. For a description, I’ll refer you to this article Internet Storm Center - SANS Internet Storm Center about a nasty little piece of malware called MPack.

I’ve been hit by an iframe attack. Running as a “limited user account” with a good (is there any other kind) antivirus will block any infection, or at least tremendously limit the damage. The attack that hit me came from a compromised legit web server (and cleared in a matter of hours), and about as effective as bug on the windshield.