Trojan in FrostWire?

I have just tried to download Frostwire 4.17.0, and BO Clean stopped it, said Frostwire.exe is a Trojan. Paul.

I have just tried to download Frost wire, BO Clean stopped it, said Frostwire is a Trojan. Paul.

Where did you download it from? Upload to just to be sure. Could be a flase positive- please get back to us

From the FrostWire website I was directed to CNET download, from where I downloaded the file. I sent the file to Virustotal, from 36 results there was just one positive from NOD 32 v2. A variant of Win 32 Adinstaller.

It could be because Frostwire has a tool bar. An Ask toolbar if I remember correctly. Of course it asks before installing it. But Maybe Boclean detects it and stops the process.

Yes, it does have an Ask toolbar, I did uncheck the install boxes, but the Ask file woul still be there I suppose. Some time ago I did download the Ask toolbar with Comodo Firewall, Bo Clean accepted it then, but I did uninstall it a few weeks ago. It’s not important for me to download Frostwire just now, so I will leave things as they are for awhile. Bo Clean works really well I haven’t had any problems with that at all.

What’s funny is that they detect other software toolbars and not their own. It’s something like, your toolbar is bad but my masked toolbar is a security app. :stuck_out_tongue: