Trojan Hunter Warning

Hey all

I have been using Trojan hunter Trial from past few weeks.
and i have to say it is a good anti-trojan.
I have noticed when i scan using built-in win.ini checker plug in and i get this warning and it is in HijackThis log too but i am afraid to delete.

here is the log

WinIniChecker Executing Warning: C:\WINDOWS\win.ini, [windows] section: load= Warning: C:\WINDOWS\win.ini, [windows] section: run=

Is it normal?

just wanted to ask is it normal or a virus?
well i guess i have to go and try trojan hunter forums :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry no one has responded yet, mangose; we try to get to everyone within 24 hours (which I note we are still within…:wink: ).

Manual Virus detection & removal is not an area of great expertise for me, but I would like to point you to this post for information to provide so we can best help you…

Also, aside from the warning from Trojan Hunter, have you observed any suspicious activity on your computer?



I have given info as to the link :BNC

  1. Winxp

2)SP2 with all the Updates

  1. Real Time AV is Antivir Free Edition (Latest Version

  2. Comodo Firewall Pro

  3. Nothing) Only a Warning After I Scanned Trojanhunter win.ini Plug in Checker

6)CA eTrust PestPatrol, AVG anti-spyware and Kaspersky On demand Scanner (did not detect anything)

  1. [See attached file - Mod edit to replace the long post]

  2. Nope (:TNG)

  3. Nope (:SAD)

4)Antivir Scanner with Latest Definitions , Trojanhunter and AVG antispyware, ADAware, Spybot S&D, House call scanned Last Week and came clean.

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