Trojan horse help remove

 I made another thread so that maybe another one can help me.. I found these informations on my scanner. I used free edition of AVG anti virus. These are some of the infections (Trojan Horse?):

        Infections                                                  Object

Trojan horse Generic12.BUWY C:\81.exe
Trojan horse Generic12.BUWY C:\System Volume Information_restore{C92FE8D3-D655-4BB3-8138-
Trojan horse BackDoor.Generic9.NNJ C:\servergamerzplanet.exe
Trojan horse BackDoor.Generic9.NNJ C:\WINDOWS\system32\gamerzplnet.exe

And below is the attachment which when i after deleted it, it comes again after i restarted my computer and what annoys me is when the program x1nject program pops on the desktop which changes some of my settings. I hope i can have quick and reliable solutions for this problem. By the way i appreciate the help of Monkey_Boy=). Thanks a lot also to the tips i have read on comodo and from Lt. ganda

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I used HiJackthis… this is the log file

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hmm, gamerzplnet might be a false positive, unless its something you didn’t know got put on there.
Try using MalwareBytes. You might have something deeper than just those files.