Trojan horse Generic13.BJK

Hi everyone

I have this giy on my pc and dunno how to get rid of it. I delete it through AVG and then it just pops up again! I really deprete now and read in your forum about the HijackThis little program and that I should let it scan and add the report log to my post here.

I have read so many articles and forums now and downloaded so many applications which didn’t help much.

Could someone jsut help me in the right direction pleeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssseeeee???

Kind regards

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Hi Bossi,

What efforts have you undertaken so far (besides AVG) to remove this? What applications have you downloaded (which have not worked)?

You could start by removing all windows system restore points. I see that one Trojan was found in your “System Volume Information” folder, which is the system restore folder. there could possibly be more malware in there.

Here is guide on deleting all current system restore points and then enabling system restore again:

Open Regedit and let it look for references to sys.exe. When lucky you may find references to other files. There may be an extra file protecting the sys.exe and the pic.exe.

Another strategy would be using Process Explorer. That is a super duper Task Manager. Look up the sys.exe and pic.exe. They may be parent and child. There may be a third child process involved as well. Select the suspected files → suspend (right click) them → delete them.

Hi everyone.

Thanks for help so far. I will go try and delete all system restore points and then enabling it again.
Regarding the software I have downloaded, Im not sure anymore cause half of it did nothing to the virus. Spyware doctor didnt help, and then i have CCleaner, Hijackthis, A squared free, Spybot search and destroy, AVG Free and Norton anti virus corporate edtion on my pc Plus now Comodo fire wall.

Norton has qaurantined the virus but didnt remove it. And AVG is still going nuts and it shows that the virus is getting more or duplicating itself.

Let me quickly go do What FaZio93 suggested.

Attached is what A Squared Free quarantined.

Regards Bossi

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Ok its done!

Lets see if the bugs are gone!

I just deleted aal my system restore points and let my anti virus and spyware software do a scan. lets see if they are gone.

HI guys!

It looks like the problem is solved after I deleted the system restore points.

I will let you guys know if something pops up again.

Thanks a million for the advice.



I see you haven’t tried these two scanners yet:

You can get rid of Spybot. These two above take care of it all. :slight_smile:

If I may ask, how many (and which) AV’s and firewalls do you have running? You mentioned quite a few. Running more than one firewall, or more than one active AV, can produce unexpected results.

I will get rid of Spybot and install those mentioned by you FaZio.

I have Norton av, AVG Free8.5 and A Squared free, altough im not sure what a square is(AV or Firewall or anti spyware).

Then I only have Comodo firewall install and got rid of zonealarms one cuase it just stopped working.

I only installed Norton to see if i can get rid of the virus and all the others.

Could you guys please advise me on what you have on your pcs and what i should keep or install on my pc to keep myself safe. (preferably freeware)

Regards Bossi

PS: so far my BUG hasnt yet appeared again. :slight_smile:

a-squared is a dual engine of antimalware software.
By using anti-virus (Ikarus Engine) and Anti-Spyware (they own engine).

This software help me when my AV didn’t detect malware. :wink:

I would drop Norton, AVG, and maybe even ASquared and then choose one of these two AVs for realtime:

Hi Bossi :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t run 2 AV’s in realtime together. If you prefer AVG as your AV, please uninstall Norton. Than use this tool to remove any leftovers :

Btw. your HijackThis log doesn’t show anything. But be carefull with what A2 finds, the Ikarus engine still has too many false positives. Better check on :

… before you remove anything.

What you can add is this tool to check for security risks in your software :

But I would like to see your MBAM log though …

Greetz, Red.

Hi guys!?

Too much info for my pea sized brain to comprehend!

This is my action which I will take:

  1. I will uninstall all my AV software except one. (A Squared, or what would you suggest? Avast or and can i run A squared and one of these two AV programs together?

  2. Check the security risk in my software via About Secunia Research | Flexera

And get or make a MBAM log for FaZio93. (What is MBAM log? and how do I create one for you to see?)

Again thanks for all the help.

Cyberspace is a amazing thing, i was helpless 2 days ago and slowly Im learning a ■■■■ load about these things called virusses which created so many problems for me in the past an d how to give them the one up!

Regards Bossi

Sorry for my stupidity but,

How do I use this?

What do I upload to it?

Regards bossi

Please see what Secunia PSI found in the attachement.

Do I now just click on the solution arrow and install it or should i rather uninstall those programs or software?

Laters Bossi

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You upload the file(s) you are curious about.

As for Secunia, yes, it’s a good idea to update anything it shows as being a risk.

Thanks HeffeD!

Will do so!

I just read the reviews on Avast and Free antivir. I can’t figure which is better. I want to download one of them but cant decide and then after installing it uninstall all other AVs and unneccasary software for this purposes.

Could anyone help me decide please.

Regards Bossi

Avast is well regarded, as is Avira.

I personally like Avira better, but I don’t think you could go wrong with either of them.

Thanks, so it’s all about the looks then? :wink: