trojan fakealert.896 (spywareblaster.exe)

Yesterday my internet connection went down, pc hung on boot and I couldn,t access my menu. Well I got ie back via ie7 diagnose problems ran several scans SAS,ST,SD,S+D,MWB and NOD32 all resulting in zero. System still acted strangely so I ran DrWeb Cureit which gave me trojan fakealert.896 in spywareblaster.exe could be a FP theres not alot on google about it. I have kept the results in micro excel if viewing is required? Stuart. Just tried to run SB no longer working! So the SB.exe is an FP don’t know about the system restore files.

You would be best to post in an forum dedicating to remove spyware/viruses, etc:
Bleeping Computer
Tech Guy

I also ran it through virustotal Drweb the only one declaring a trojan and as I said if I clean cure it SB no longer works.

If it is indeed a bad virus, I know they like to hang out in system restore files. At least they have in the past on my machines. Don’t know about this one. Josh is right, better off going to a forum where they specialize in this.


As it happens I looked on a French site quite a few people have had this trojan identified in spywareblaster.exe by using Drweb cureit. It would be of interest to me and maybe others who use SB to run a scan with drweb cureit and see if they also get this result.

Probably the best way to diagnose this problem would be to post a Hijackthis log in one of the afore-mentioned specialist forums.

I’ve used spyware blaster in the past and it’s never been a trojan. I’d suspect this is a false positive, but I don’t use it anymore, nor do I want to risk it.


Spywareblaster is not in any way a suspicious program,it’s been going a long time,which makes it all the more surprising that Dr Web flags it up as containing a trojan.Some companies are quite slack when it comes to correcting FPs.That’s of course assuming that Spywareblaster was downloaded from a reputable source,to ensure it hasn’t been modified.

The problem of the OPs system running ‘strangely’ however is a real one,that’s why I suggested the Hijackthis option,just to be sure nothing untoward is going on.It may well be that the issue is not malware related at all and is just a general software or Windows issue.

I suggest submitting the file to and see which vendors consider it to be malware. Your other option is to reinstall SB.


Tried virustotal only drweb flagged it! I’ve since run a scan with drweb no longer detects this trojan and I looked on a french site about the same issue and everyone on that assummed an FP.

It’s more than likely a FP then. You can always run a full system scan with one of the online vendors Comodo’s included just to be sure your who system is virus free.

Incidentally, you can submit your FPs to comodo.