Trojan-Downloader.Win32.VB.fpn not found!!

Had a suspicious file and scanned it with CAVS 2.0 beta and then I uploaded it to kaspersky filescan and it found:

where do I go from here?

Please send it up to :

Put it in a rar file and secure it. Then don’t forget the pass in the mail ;). Also tell them te detection Kaspersky gave.

Thx in advance :slight_smile:


encrypted the files in a rar file so that it would send through gmail…but sent :slight_smile:

about a day later now and the data base still hasn’t been updated…sophos and nod32 along with kaspersky (as mentioned) also detect this as a virus…common guys :stuck_out_tongue:

If you havent noticed already and by now CAV 2 is BETA. Comodo is working on CAVS 3.

well I’m under the assumption that 3.0 will use the signature files from 2.0 for detecting viruses? So isn’t it worth including the virus signature now?

Jonathan, If the file you submitted to comodo is malacious, comodo will include it as soon as they can In CAVS3.

There will be more signatures in CAV3 with the new technologies, etc introduced.


Hey guys,

just installed the beta, rescanned the files…nothing is to be found…?

I sent the files to the email address…I guess no one got around to it yet?

Thanks in any case,

Did you follow these instructions?


just resent the files…hopefully something will be done :slight_smile:


You cannot send .exe’s through Gmail… Maybe that’s the problem. It’s annoying!!!

You could rename the file " Virusname.exx " and include a note to change it to .Exe

this has gone on long enough and is freakin pathetic.

Here’s my second email:

From: Jonathan -
Date: Sat, Oct 4, 2008 at 9:34 PM

To whom it may concern…these files still haven’t been added to the
virus database.
Please see my post regarding this:

password to the rar file is “infected”

Kind Regards,

195K Gmail could not scan this file for viruses.

I don’t understand how these files still haven’t been added to the virus database? What is this, a bad joke?..I’m spoon feeding you new viruses that you can add to your database.

I think I’m going to shell out some money for either kaspersky or nod32 at this point. Thanks for trying though.



There is ALOT of Samples submitted all the time.

Last week, In just 24 hours, 2 GIG worth of samples were submitted (Between August & Now it would NOW be ALOT more). It takes time, And everything is building up, the entire back-end infrastructure is in progress, like pre-analyzing malware automatically, etc. The guys are from what I heard are burning mid night oil at the labs, Sorry your sample couldn’t be added sooner. It takes around 20 mins to Analyse a file, then add it to the database (Well, if you want it done properly to avoid false positives as much as possible - which is always a common case), But everything is building up and being worked on… This is only the beginning, Melih (CEO, COMODO) Will tell you the same thing.

Infact, You can email Melih your sample, And it will go right to the top. I PMed you his Private Email.


Jonathan, You can’t send Excutables VIA gmail unless they are encrypted.