Trojan Bypasses Comodo

heads up the Trojan bypassed comodo 5.8 looks like a nasty one

link to video

Thanks for your submission, can you send the sample to Comodo for them to look at.

Also would of been nice to see you test with Def + set to paranoid as well as have Antivirus + Cloud active… assume you already did this for the AV and it did not detect… how about Paranoid Def +.

Am sure this will be fixed soon, no solution will ever be 100% but we can sure as try by banding together and helping Comodo by making them aware like you and many others do! :-TU

Did you post/do this or have you just linked to the other post created;topicseen

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haha,we made a new - the same topic at the same time :smiley:
I made that video :smiley:
I wanted to share this with you,i want to help comodo to be improved to a maximum,i will submit the sample for sure :wink:

Hope i would even get a chance to make a video hahah