trojan an malware problem

hi, i use comodo internet security the last version, today my full scan results is not good for me, comodo detecet 7 trojan and malware, how can it possible, why comodo not protect my computer?

Hi pcman.

  1. Are all of your settings at least at the default level, is both Containment and HIPS enabled and has your CIS always been set like that without them being recently disabled?
  2. Can you please list some directory paths to the detected malware?

Antivirus - stateful
Auto-containment - enabled
hips - safe mod
viruscope - enabled
website filtering - enabled
firewall - safe mode

comodo say all systems active and running. how can i found directory paths detected malware?

i cant found any logs there, empty.

  1. Can you please answer if you have recently disabled HIPS or Auto-Containment. This includes temporarily.

  2. Also, have you ever allowed an application through that CIS has blocked or contained and have you recently disabled (this includes temporarily) any default settings in the ‘Settings’ menu?

  3. How long have you had CIS installed for on the machine in question (without it being uninstalled)?

  4. Please go to ‘File List’ from the ‘Settings’ menu and see if there are any files listed as ‘malicious’ in the list.

If so:

4.a) Please provide some file paths of them.
4.b) Please provide the ‘First Observed’ date and time for each.

Hi Pacmac,

When CIS detect a malware, then you can find those detection detail in Antivirus logs.

Could you please post the screenshot of View logs.

Tasks-> Advanced Tasks → View logs

When CIS is in default settings, it will not let malware to enter into a machine.

You may cross check:-

  1. When CIS was installed and when those malware files were created on your machine.

  2. or did you ever disabled CIS features especially Antivirus/Auto containment

We need either files detail or detection detail to cross check this issue. If possible, please help us with more details.