Trojan.Agent.2116 reported after CMS update

CMS was updated today and now reports Trojan.Agent.2116 infection

I couldn’t find a place to report this and thought it was worth mentioning in case others have the same problem and it turns out to be a false positive.

CMS V4.0020DB ve. 102

CMS Report
App: System updates
Type: Malware
Verdict: Trojan.Agent.2116
Level : 10

Uninstall option fails:
Unable to uninstall System Updates

System details
Model: ZTE Blade V770
Android: v6.0.1
Security patch: 1st Aug 16
Baseband: P852F52B01
Kernel: 3.10.84-perf
Build: ZTE_BLADE_V770V3.0

Hi Mistroma

Do you still get this report from CMS? Sometimes Chinese phone brands puts ads inside System Update apps. So we detect them as ad-aware. Maybe we are facing that kind of issue.

Is it possible to send us package name of System Updates?