Trillian & MSN problems

Just installed CFP 3 … everything fine so far, but Trillian isn’t working right … the MSN part, to be more precise.
It says it connected, but not one of my msn contacts shows up as online. Called a friend, he signed on with his msn acc on his pc … still nothing on my end. I didn’t touch my routers settings or triallians’, so I am pretty sure it is a CFP issue.
ICQ and AIM work somehow … yet I seem to be unable to receive files O_o

Is Trillian able to connect to the Internet? When Trillian first starts, Comodo should prompt you about Trillian attempting to connect to the Internet.

i found this on the support section of the trillian site “MSN won’t connect behind proxys or firewalls”
“Firewalls and proxies can be a problem for the MSN part of Trillian. The real MSN client can tunnel out through port 80 if the primary port is not available. At the moment Trillian can’t do that so you have to have a straight shot through port 1863. If that port is blocked Trillian will not connect.
If you can’t change the firewall or proxy, try using GNU HTTPTunnel or HTTP-Tunnel.”

i use live messenger on the msn part and trillian on the aim part as i like live messenger better than trillian on msn.
if you dont get this to work rainy then you can try live messenger to see if that one works.

You can also view:
Firewall\Advanced\Network Security Policy
Defense+\Advanced\Computer Security Policy

To make sure nothing is blocked or weird.