Tried it

Tried it. Didn’t like it. Revo Uninstalled it. Advanced System Care is a million times better and nicer GUI.

Care to share some details?

Thanks. :SMLR


Lack luster GUI. All Comodo products look the same with the same color usage also. Registry scan takes too long and repairing what it finds takes even longer. Just over all needs a lot to catch up to. Advanced System Care is free with a very nice GUI that you can play with the transparency and colors. Scans are quicker and faster. Its also has about 20 more tools the Comodo.

thanks for the feedback Vettech…

which one was able to clean more?



Comodo found a lot of things but stuff I wouldn’t want to delete. I always only delete entries I know with any registry cleaner. All cleaners will find different things. Comodo found about 900 errors where as ASC found about 1,200 errors with deep cleaning on. CCleaner usually only finds 10 items and Glary about 100. Comodo should highlight items that are only safe to delete. Wise Registry cleaner is a good example of this.

I tried it, I like it. Only thing that I could suggest is for it to be more userfriendly to “mom and pop”.
Great work :slight_smile: