Trick Program

The user will lost control of the mouse after running this trick program. Can somebody block it?

Removed Attachment… CIS certainly detects it.

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i think i’m going to install the all CIS as i will not pay again for KAV,
comodo AV detection must be as good as KAV, i hope better,
avira detected malwares KAV didnt…i read on some forum that avira uses KAV engine,
that’s not true no ? yes ?
if i order comodo pro, i can connect to anything i want with trustconnect ?
i can connect to irc with trustconnect ?
i got 2 isp, so i need 2 comodo pro ? or i can connect with my 2 isp with trustconnect?

I think so! :slight_smile:

Care to explain to me in PM what the go with KAV was? And yes CIS Detection rates are rising, and they are rising REALLY fast… You won’t believe how much MALWARE is being added weekly, Ive seen that!


Well, have anybody tested this trick program?
Avira uses its own engine! Maybe the av component will become much more better after integrating Boclean (:TNG)

Check your PM’s MagisDing.


…But I’ve received nothing in the inbox of personal message (:SAD) CIS can’t intercept the behavior of analogue mouse, am I right?

Unfortunately, no, you’re wrong. CIS does detect and intercept it. Please see 3xist’s original reply, 5 posts above.

Ewen :slight_smile:

You mean the response of AV ? But I want Defense+ detect the behaviors of this application.

I only mentioned that the CIS AV detects it as you, yourslef, mentioned Avira, so I thought you were asking about AVs detecting it.

Ewen :slight_smile: