Trend Micro + Vista 32 bit + CFP ?

Yuk! I installed new CFP on my laptop (XP 32 bit, SP2, McAfee AV) last night–no problem. Tonight I tried to install new CFP on my home Vista (32 bit, TrendMicro AV (TM firewall turned off)). Previous version of CFP was co-existing with TrendMicro okay (possibly because Comodo went on first). Put CFP in, and installtion showed problems, which could not be fixed with Comodo repair wizard. I have had problems with the TrendMicro AV in the past, such as bogging down my computing speed, useless warning popups, and software conflicts. I unistalled CFP and then uninstalled TrendMicro. Then installed CFP again, this time with no problems. Installed a trial version of Nod32—it likes CFP, and CFP likes it.
Conclusion? The TrendMicro installation disc will make a great coaster on my workbench for my coffee. I can make use of the TrendMicro jewel case elsewhere.
Oh look! CFP Defense + just caught something trying to get into my computer. Funny how TrendMicro only warned me about my own activities.

Comodo CFP, the way to be. (:KWL)