Trend Micro PCCillin [Closed]

updated to from (had no problems with this version). I use Trend Micro PCCillin antivirus as soon as I updated CFP TMProxy crashed and I had to uninstall and reinstall soon as I reinstalled and restarted TMProxy crashed again. so reverted back to and reinstalled PCCillin all is ok with system again.

windows XP pro Service Pack 3

Hate to say it but PCClillin is a horrible av to have. Very poor detection rate but did you make the updater process for PCCillin an updater?

dont use auto update - manually update everything - using PCCillin 2005 as anything above that (I agree) is horrible - its the proxy server thats crashing not the actual app itself but it doesnt crash under

Well if I were you I would upgrade to the latest Comodo and dump PPCilin for Avast at a cost of nothing.

Hey Devils spawn, Yeah I agree with Vette.

There are far better products out there both free and paid. All Trendmicro has is a NAME. I have used TMIS2008 Pro in the past and didn’t like it, I also found their replies to emails verrrrry slow, if not at all.

Not to mention trend micro is very slow, may I recommend Avira?, its free, light, and no problems with COMODO.

Hello DevilSpawn

Yes, I agree with Info-Sec’s recommendation. Avira’s AntiVir is good and had no conflict with Comodo. Its support group is one of the best like Comodo’s. They reply promptly…

Ah a very valid point, support. I heard trend micro’s support has declined over the years.

pccillin gone (:NRD)

Your computer will thank you!

Well, since this product is no longer on your PC, there’s no point on this bug report as well.

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