'treat as installer' is greyed out

Comodo 5.12
Windows Vista 32 bit

Why is it when running some new programs the ‘treat as installer’ is greyed out. It take an age to do anything with multiple alerts

Firewall settings general tabe/safe mode alert tab/ high
Defense settings general tab /safe mode execution control enabled

Do you get the alert for Explorer starting the installer or is it an alert for the installer?

In case the alert is for the installer you can give it the Windows System Application policy which is also allowed to start other applications without asking for permission. Just don’t tell it to remember the rule.

I will move this to the D+ board.

I think it was for the installer, what it was doing , one was a global hook I think? Anyway i could not say treat as installer or updater a nd so it kept on giving alerts.

Thanks sorry vague wa a week ago

Can you check under Sandbox Settings if “Automatically detect the installers / updaters and run them outside the Sandbox” and “Automatically trust the files from the trusted installers” are enabled or not? Or post a screenshot of Sandbox Settings?

my sandbox was not enabled

Can you post a screenshot of Sandbox Settings?

Does using Windows System Application do the trick though?

here is the screenshot. i am not sure what worked. I think i disconnected from the net and turned off the firewall to installit

[attachment deleted by admin]

Please enable “Automatically detect installers an run them outside the sandbox”.

OK will that work even if the sandbox is disabled? Thanks

Good question. I don’t know for sure; I am starting to loose some of v5’s very specific details.

I would say start with enabling the Sandbox and “Automatically detect installers an run them outside the sandbox”. That’s a combination I know works. You can then always see what happens when you disable the sandbox.

Enabling the Sandbox will not influence how CIS works for you. It is for executables you want to specifically run in the sandbox either because they are not automatically sandboxed or you want to run them with added functionality like virtualisation and/or a different sandboxing level than the automatic sandboxing.

OK many thanks for your help