Tray icon disappears in Windows 10

Setting up two new machines a desktop and a notebook with Comodo Free AV. Both machines running Windows Version 10.0.18363.476 / Windows 10 Pro 1909.

The Comodo icon displays intermittently in the system tray on the taskbar. There is a space for the icon and if I right click on that space the Comodo menu comes up but, the icon is not visible. Occasionally, rebooting the machines will result in the icon being displayed.

Is anyone aware of a solution for this problem?

Known issue that appears to be the cause of not having the firewall driver enabled, or turning off traffic animation effects. Seeing that you only installed the AV, you won’t have the firewall driver and thus the bug. When it will be fixed I do not know, hopefully in the very next release. Workaround is to exit the tray icon and run CAV from either the desktop or start menu shortcut.

Thanks very much!!

Hi, I know this is an old thread. But Google search landed me here as I have exact same problem. But I am using the Firewall (no AV, only Firewall) and have the animation checked on in settings.
Comodo v12.1.0.6914 and Windows 10 1903.

The tray icon is a blank space, menu shows up fine if I right click. I have to exit the tray and restart the program to get the tray icon back properly.

I was using Comodo v11 and it also had a problem of tray icon not showing up at boot. There was a Task Scheduler line that fixed it that would start cistray.exe. But this newest version 12 doesn’t have cistray.exe anymore?

When will this be fixed? It’s highly annoying I have to exit and restart the program at every boot.

I’ve had that issue before, was a while ago though.


I guess you can try uninstalling CF then reinstalling it.

Step 1) You can Export your settings via General Settings > Configuration

Step 2) After uninstalling it, you can use the Comodo Uninstaller Tool to make sure it is completely removed from your system before a reinstall.

Step 3) Reinstall CF and import your settings file

Hope that helps.

Hello whatisausername,

Thank you for reporting.
Sorry for the inconvenience after the new release you don’t have this kind of problems.

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Hi Easy way when you not see commodo icon is right click (in empty space on task bar where icon comodo is invisible) and choice silient mode from menu commodo icon turn to blue will be visable then again off silience mode and red color icon will work again, This is little anoing and if someone can write script when commodo start will be in silience mode for 2 sec. then off that mode automatycly problem with hidden icon will be solved i think. Cheers from Poland.

It seems fixed in the latest beta (v12.3.2.8124).