Tray icon color palette isn't the right one

Hi, guys.

First thing’s first - Comodo Firewall is awesome. :stuck_out_tongue: A couple of versions ago there was a small problem with updates and such but ever since than it has been fixed. After the last update I made I found out some nice new things in the new Comodo FW. One thing though I didn’t like. Some people might call me dumb for being so fiddling but nonetheless I’ll spit it out - the new colors for the tray icon are bad. The traffic-indicating orange and light green arrows are hardly recognizable on this red background (the red shield with a white “c” in the middle). Is there a way to change it? I was able to spot the previous color-combination (bright red and semi-dark green on a white-grey shield) without a problem. But now when I look at the tray icon I have to focus for a second or two in order to see the exact amount of “arrows” down there. ;D

Cheers! :wink:

There is no way to change the system tray icon (yet).
Maybe you can disable the traffic indicators (arrows).

Oh, well. Will have to live with that. As for the traffic indicators - I like it being able to see if there is traffic generated, so I need them. :slight_smile: Thanks for the reply. ^^

I hope they bring back the white icon, it was much better.
It’s not the first time we see this complain.

CIS 3 tray icon was the best!

I find the new GUI fresh and cool :slight_smile:

Opinion of “Malware Research Group Comodo’s Hero” is very useful in this case since topic is about users’ opinions. I also always say my software is THE BEST!