Tray Icon and AV

This was posted in the AV wishlist, but I though it should be posted here because it pertains to GUI more than AV.

  1. When you click on the tray icon, the menu that pops up should have antivirus real-time scanner options (see sample menu in attached pic)

  2. Perhaps a the tray icon should change when one of the installed modules is deactivated. So if the firewall, or D+, or the antivirus is deactivated, the user will know because the icon is red (see sample tray icon in attached pic)

[attachment deleted by admin]

The ability to Enable/Disable Real-Time Scanning should have been the very first requirement listed for tray icon functionality.

Every Antivirus software vendor I know now has this function integrated within their tray icons. It may not seem like much, but trust me, it is.

Aside from that, things look good, of course I can only comment on aesthertics at the moment. I’m finding that I’m liking your products more and more so I’m happy that your icon and interface this time look polished and professional, in contrast to the unfortunate looking bocleaner icon…

The new BETA has an AV Enable Disable button in tray menu.

Yep, looks like this feature will be incorporated into future CIS versions!

I agree that AV options in the tray menu are very very useful and convenient. But not all AV vendors do this. One of the reasons I became angry with McAfee and eventually decided to dump them was that they used to have AV options in the tray menu of their Internet Security Suite, but for some stupid reason they removed them! ???