tray animation (cpf

i have tray animation and ballon messages checked (cpf tray icon does not change at all and no balloon messages,are these supposed to be workin?

Short answer, probably not.

Please see or post bug/questions/observations to either XP/Vista 32bit or Vista 64bit, thank you.

i to have no change in the tray animation.
if i click on it it does nothing i cannot change any options.
it is like it is locked.
right clicking does the samething nothing.
this could be a critical bug because we need to change the options.
and also when you use a program nothing pops up asking for clearance of the program. this is on the beta version of win xp 32 bit

Worked fine here, just had to see for the animation.

I’m assuming the balloon tips may be how the firewall popups act now?