Translation? [Resolved]

Hey guys, when can we start working on translations?

i dun nid a translation now, i nid a portable version more :slight_smile:

by the way, i think translated version is not comodo team’s job?!

The firewall was translated by volunteers :).

Arkangyal, as ur usin i-vault (i suppose), can i ask u something abt i-vault? I’m currently usin Keepass but considerin a switch.(Its nothing wrong w keepass but i prefer a whole Comodo suite)

  1. i-vault can work w opera?
  2. does the database consist of only 1 file? In Keepass, the database (ur info storage) consists of only 1 file. So its very convenient for u to carry around and in case u need to reinstal keepass or reinstal OS, u dun haf to input again.
  3. how is the resource usage? for keepass, its ~ 8M

i made a thread to ask these qns but uhmm… so far no reply so I ask here again :slight_smile: out of topic but pls clear for me, thanx.

aladinonl, I have posted in the other thread…


thanx both, (:CLP)


I can translate iVault into Russian… ?! How i can do it? Resources?

Due to the reply Melih give me at the CEO topic, i closed this thread. Link to the topic.