Translation error

Should be “Não enviar”

Arquivo com a correção enviada ou enviado :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi there…
Is there an error in italian translation. Under hips>gruppi hips>gruppi infertacce com should be interfacce com.

Hello mk1t4,
Could you please elaborate what was the issue?
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Hi there,
sorry for my english, i will try to explain better.
If u try italian language, what in english is COM Groups (settings->hips->hips groups->com groups), in italian in translated as infertacce com. Should be interfacce* com.

Hello again,
Thank you for your response.No problem let me check with my team :).

run in containment
scan with comodo antivirus
not translator

Hello liosant,

I have tested some samples like .exe,txt,zip files are successfully scanned and ran in the CC.Could you please share that samples which you are facing the issue.
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It looks like the issue is that the context menu items for CIS are not displayed in the correct language that is set in CIS UI. See his screen shot.

@ futuretech,Thank you :).
@ Liosant,Please let me know what kind of language settings are you using with exact CIS version ?

comodo internet security
language português Brazil
note: other language settings error repeat :-\

Hello liosant,

Thank you for your response.We are checking in it.
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